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Major Objective: KSI commits most of its time and resources to the rural areas of Kenya. One focus of KSI is the region of Wongonyi, in the Coast Province of southern Kenya. Nestled high in the Arc Cloud Mountains of Taita, Wongonyi is a major source of water for the lowlands, which is home to the famous Tsavo National Park. Blessed with fertile land and fresh spring water, the Wongonyi communities have centered their lives around an agrarian life-style for centuries; however, in recent time, issues with climate change and the lack of modern farming techniques have significantly impacted the livelihood of the local environment and the farmers’ wellbeing. Modern and ecological farming practices are of high demand and necessity in Wongonyi, in order to conserve the dwindling environment and to create food security for the communities. Moreover, we aim to find volunteers who can assist in the development of agri-business, so that the community members can begin living from their harvests, instead of detrimental practices such as logging.

Responsibilities: The volunteer will be responsible for assisting rural farmers in achieving higher capacity and productivity from their farming activities. This will include the development and training of new farming techniques, technical implementations (such as foot operated water pumps, etc.), and any other aspect that will improve your farmer(s)’ crop. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to assist in demonstration farms, whereby we hold regular trainings for farmers to replicate.

Qualifications: The volunteer needs to have experience in modern farming practices and be ready to work with the community. The volunteer must have an open and positive attitude, so that the communities’ needs are taken in and their full potential developed.

Orientation & Training: All volunteers will receive a general orientation on the nature and purpose of the organization, their placement, and the purposes and requirements of the position that they are accepting. In addition, volunteers will receive specific on-the-job training to provide them with the information and skills necessary to perform their volunteer assignment.

Accommodation: The volunteer will be accommodated in a home stay, where he or she will have the opportunity to interact with a Kenyan family and gain cultural experience.

Commitment: Minimum of two weeks

Place: Primarily in the rural region of Wongonyi, Kenya

Benefits: The benefit of this placement will be established by the observation of how simple knowledge transfer can have a positive impact on developing communities.

Language: English

U.S. Reg. #: 609893 / U.S. Tax Exemption # 17053168310011 / Kenyan Reg. #: 218/051/11-0242/7074

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